Millions of thoughts pass by my mind, most of them gone unnoticed. I ponder over one of them closely and deeply.

With all the leisure of time stolen from a hectic day, my mind sits still. I hear a soft voice within pampering me with motivation. It usually is about a past memory (good or not so good for that matter) or about what it would be to go choose this way or the other.

Rarely its about me in my present, and suddenly to my realisation this one is.

Oh! So I really don’t care what’s gonna happen tomorrow or what just happened.

Its just about me in my present self.

Knock!! Knock!!! Hellooooo….

Is someone there?

Omg, its kindda lonely here n apparently scary too.

Thought : Hi, are you happy right now?

Me : Umm.. kindda.. not sure

Thought : What makes you unsure about a simple question asked to self by self?

Me : hewww. That’s another “Not sure” answer to that one.

Thought : You know what, you are a true reflection of me. So why are u struck in past and future worries? Things won’t change in past and future will be your present soon. So just live your present and feel happy and proud about self, not for anyone else but just for you.

Hope you are getting me?

Me : Well, quite a bit. I feel like a wandering bird now who does not care about its destinations yet just flies for happiness.

This lil conversation gifted me an important lesson.