According to Hindu mythology,  lord Bhramha created the universe, lord Vishnu preserves it and lord Shiva destroys the evil.

“Shiva”, a term derived from Sanskrit means auspicious.

He sits silently with his eyes closed on the peak of Himalayas. Wearing a serene smile that empathizes with every creature that exists, his tranquil face is a reflection of power.

He is considered to be the purest form of soul (Aatma) at the highest level of consciousness and a divine yogi. Within him resides immense power that is capable of mass destruction with “End of the world and every existing species” being its mere consequence.

Yet the greatest yogi is all unwavering and posses an immense control over his powers.

Here is what I ponder on when I see him sit undisturbed…

Does power lead to stability?

This is not so usual in today’s world as its a matter of fact that the man with power is all so vigorous and furious. World’s greatest economy is all powerful and is rightly ruling the world.

What is so unique about Shiva?

I quote, “The real strength does not lie in displaying your ferocious powers as self appraisal, and it rather is in being wise enough to use it consciously for eradication of evil” and lord Shiva is a perfect personification of the above quote.

Through meditation, one gets that unique insight to perform appropriate actions with respect to any situation in hand, hence the serenity of the greatest yogi will remain immortal for ages to come.