From being free to living guarded, the story starts when their ancestors were in their natural home. Somehow their species have been protected in the name of unique spots they possess. It now has been so long that they have molded themselves to live in harmony with humans. We love to see this unique creation of god whilst they expect some favors in return. They are beautiful, kind and natural unlike us who have changed over the years gone by.

When I see these rear few, I wonder how imaginative their creator must have been. With a blend of fear and strength, they look at me in eagerness, as if they are looking for some answers or rather clarifying my doubts in return.

I soon start pondering on the fact that, “Is this really right that we have done?” Bringing these innocent creatures from their natural home to our lands and feeding them whenever we wanted and abandoning them cruelly at other times. Tough they stand speechless, their eyes is a way to their heart.

As we humans enjoy living in freedom, so do them as wild because it their natural form. They love to hunt for their living and run with agony from a predator. God had made them strong much to sustain by their own yet we don’t feel so and keep interfering in their natural home.

Let’s all live in harmony and let them live the way they want to and breath the air gifted in equality to us all.