It all seems good with the fresh arrival at the bus stop, when mind is already preoccupied with the day’s schedule and upcoming hours planning. There are a few people waiting for the bus and all is goody-good.

The first bus arrives after sometime that make everyone’s faces glow with hopes,it approaches closer and closer, and now when the route written is blurred visible, some faces turn down with a sigh and some vacate the stop, with their prayers being heard little sooner.

For others, not knowing the timings of actual arrival of the bus,

a few of them start murmuring……

“These buses have no bounds”,

“can someone do something to make this daily journey better?”,

“The sun is so bright today and I feel giddy”,

“Someone hold my heavy bag please”,

“I cant stand here any longer call the rickshaw”,

And when it comes there is a new “entertainment” quarrel for everyone to see regarding the high charges compared to bus,

Some start screaming at this teaching little piece of moral values in their own peculiar way, and then finally the episode ends up seeking a new one.

From far off a high pitch tone is heard crying-“I have been waiting here since an hour now and can bear it no longer”….Which is further continued as……

“Today I had to attend an important function of my great grand daughter”,

“Had a doctor’s appointment”,

“Need to shop for a birthday party”,

“There is a sale near my place which is time bounded”,

Blah! Blah!And all sorts of totally random things that one could imagine.

But who cares the further story?

The first sentence consisting of the word “an hour” had already been highlighted in the restless minds of others.

Then some one enters the conversation with a peaceful idea to console saying- “an hour, oh!That means our bus will be coming very soon now”…..

And suddenly a silence surrounds the premises with a wave of peace on each face.

All these had already seen about a dozen of bus come and leave the bus stand with the familiar looks on each face conveying  hope and sigh simultaneously, accompanied with some obvious after comments as a free offer of enhanced anger and restlessness.

All well till now, I stood there observant enough seeking some encouraging factor after a most hectic day at college,

When a strong voice calls out in excitement: “There comes our bus finally” and all the curious eyes turn over to see in confirmation.

But what? The bus did not bother to stop!!

Trying to overcome this “mental trauma”, no sooner sharp screams are heard in complaining tones targeting the bus conductor and driver when someone calls out from within,

“This bus is over loaded, next one on its way soon”

Each one try their own estimations for the next arrival and with the least patience as the only option try to console their angry mind, tired body and hopeful heart with reasons unnoticed.

Innumerable number of episodes continue at the bus stop,

but this time with less botheration from people around who are just standing there to read the appropriate route name on  the bus window and also imagining about the condition as per the present time.

There are a few confirmations of the common prediction as to – “Arrival is expected soon,but its still going to be packed being peak time of working hours”

Or the better ones at times as-

“Noon being not so busy we will get a seat for sure”.

Once again the faces light up in excitement about the bus that they were expecting and a few discouraged counting their number. After all they are going to be competing to get in first and then finally for a seat (that’s the so called “ultimate dream” of every passenger).

Still, the fact of its arrival being the better news makes a larger impact.

Finally, a few dig their way out in the worst crowed inside the bus,

Some innocents try out all the humbleness they learned so far to comfort others,and a handful discover themselves hanging at the worst spots be it nearest window plane, or the last foot step with a lost mind.

But what soever it may be, by hook or crook the entire loading takes place with no less screaming and all sorts of voices audible at a fish market with conductor’s rude instructions and a few revolts to it, making things worst.

Next big demand of the body is “A seat” which is a no less then finding your way out of ,

Clueless with where the next passenger with a seat is going to get down some stand with way strong hopes, and some are frank enough to ask in a pretending fluttering tone- “where will u get down?”

Where in all the nearby passengers seek to hear the answer to this most curious question,the answer already gained a lot of attention and obviously the person aware of it too.

Well and good if it comes in a soft tone that is all comforting or else we don’t bother if it’s a rude one.

All that’sin demand is a seat!!

Realizing the crowd later with a push from backside, a short tempered women initiates a fine long episode of quarrel which seeks justice, but gets one only after the conductor’s mad hands start banging the metallic roof in frustration and a strong sound calling “KEEP SHUT” tries to settle the matter as a judge in the court.

At times that’s enough, but most of the times this ends with a new world war-3, with the only changed character now being the conductor.

Varied stops keep coming and uncountable number of people pouring in, makes the atmosphere suffocating and the place stinky enough during hot noon that’s enough to bring in a new wave of agitation among passengers.

Helpless conductor finds his way out with a few common lines every now and then, calling out- “move forward people” with some suffix of sister, brother, granny etc.

If you are not so lucky to have been entered a bus crowded with villagers, you soon will get all their rural flavors but in a way that may not please you at times such as,

Allergic smell of milk spill over their stinky clothes, strong odor of harmful tobacco chewing and spitting simultaneously, or a gentle man expressionlessly entering the scene with a suspicious carry bag that finds its way right near your feet and the next second you realize the dry fish contents of it making the situation worst.

Well, this wasn’t enough yet!! Suddenly the crazy driver has a happy realization of a speed breaker that has already been half crossed about the facility of brake sin this special bus too, and decides to apply. And as expected, the very next moment crow singing auditions begin with an active and enthusiastic participation form the public side, and the judges being a handful lucky seated passengers who were not much affected. Tough they try best consoling, but who cares? The problem in front of them is a bigger one, to pick some badly influenced ones who settled on the floor finally disturbing the entire bus.

What an adventurous time I have had?

with still a variety of instances that made it all the more thrilling, the good news of getting a seat finally comes just 5 mins before my stop arrives.

Better late than never attitude keeps me going,

After a badly tiring journey, I manage to bring a fading smile to bid off the conductor and the driver who are also tired enough being the last stop with not more than 3-5 passengers left.

After I get down in a tired mindset try to figure out a few words of motivation as-

Life has to move on, just like these buses.

How so ever tiresome the previous journey may be,

learn to take up the next one with full enthusiasm,

just like this bus will gear up at its best once again taking up its next journey with a fairly short halt.

I learned miles from the driver and conductor when my heart tried to gain sympathy for me being compared with a non living bus for its enthusiasm saying-

“Learn and develop their attitude of tireless work through out the day, still comforting every passenger in their next journey at their best and finally at the end of the day, entering their homes with a satisfaction in heart and appealing smiles on their faces”, that makes me applaud in their appreciation.