World through my eyes

Every curious thought gives birth to a new discovery

Shades of Life

I am a bird wandering around the lonely sky,

Trying to groom my wings that once wanted to fly,

I am a deep sea calm and quiet,

But also full of vigor and unrest to your fright,

I am the rugged mountain peak loaded with snow,

Standing graciously at presenting the height as you would know,

I am an old man sitting weary on his garden chair,

And also a whimsical kid full of energy and enthusiasm as one would declare,

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Mercy Please!!



Are you a proud non-vegetarian?

Well, I have something to show you all. Tough sad, Its important that we realize this for the sake of those harmless creatures that deserved a few breaths more but was unfortunate to have become someone’s meal.

What Cody Saw Will Change Your Life

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The Jubilant Thought

Millions of thoughts pass by my mind, most of them gone unnoticed. I ponder over one of them closely and deeply.

With all the leisure of time stolen from a hectic day, my mind sits still. I hear a soft voice within pampering me with motivation. It usually is about a past memory (good or not so good for that matter) or about what it would be to go choose this way or the other.

Rarely its about me in my present, and suddenly to my realisation this one is.

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Shiva- The Serene Destroyer


According to Hindu mythology,  lord Bhramha created the universe, lord Vishnu preserves it and lord Shiva destroys the evil.

“Shiva”, a term derived from Sanskrit means auspicious.

He sits silently with his eyes closed on the peak of Himalayas. Wearing a serene smile that empathizes with every creature that exists, his tranquil face is a reflection of power.

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From Wild to Domestic



From being free to living guarded, the story starts when their ancestors were in their natural home. Somehow their species have been protected in the name of unique spots they possess. It now has been so long that they have molded themselves to live in harmony with humans. We love to see this unique creation of god whilst they expect some favors in return. They are beautiful, kind and natural unlike us who have changed over the years gone by.

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Country roads take me home


Travelling the trodden country roads in lieu of old memories has always been my dream. The roads that once took me to this place that got engraved in my heart forever. Today as I see this picture I realize, tough the destiny seem far off, the roads still await for me. Over the years, I have gained and lost innumerable fond moments and so I decide to stop by and take a look around how it has all been.

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Chaos at the bus stand -A Bus Adventure

It all seems good with the fresh arrival at the bus stop, when mind is already preoccupied with the day’s schedule and upcoming hours planning. There are a few people waiting for the bus and all is goody-good.

The first bus arrives after sometime that make everyone’s faces glow with hopes,it approaches closer and closer, and now when the route written is blurred visible, some faces turn down with a sigh and some vacate the stop, with their prayers being heard little sooner.

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